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June 28, 2007
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Ancient of Days by WayneBenedet Ancient of Days by WayneBenedet
This is a previously submitted image. I have never liked the colour of the original so I decided to re-process it with new tools and hopefully new skills.

As it is located along the US Border, it forms part of the "Between Friends" Gallery.

The Term Ancient of Days appears in the prophet Daniel (7:9, 7:13, 7:22) and is a name given to God in which Daniel contrasts His eternal powers with the frail existence of the empires of the world. It is from these descriptions of the Almighty that Christian art derived its general manner of representing the first person of the Holy Trinity. Ancient of Days is expressed in Aramaic by Atiq yomin; in the Greek Septuagint by Παλιοσ Εμερον; and in the Vulgate by Antiquus dierum.

"When the Blessed Holy One is aroused to delight Himself with the righteous, the Face of the Ancient of Days shines into the face of the Impatient One. Its Forehead is revealed and shines to this forehead. Then it is called 'a time of favor' (Psalms 69:14). Whenever Judgment looms and the forehead of the Impatient One is revealed, the Forehead of the Ancient of Ancients is revealed; Judgment subsides and is not executed."
Idra Rabba, Zohar 3:136b
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taffmeister Mar 9, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
I haven't seen the original version of this but this looks very natural and relatively unedited.
An interesting piece of rustic architecture.
looks like it was built with Lincoln Logs
I don't know... looked like un-milled 2x4 to me... is that a Lincoln log?
you must have played with them when you were a kid
nope... I had ones that my dad made for me.
Gorgeous photo and Jewish wisdom is second to none.
The straight horizon line that emphasizes the crooked building makes a dramatic composition.
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